• Tightening a heavy zip line cable...

    Posted: 21/08/09      Author: Admin User

    It has been an exciting week for the team here at! As the summer sales have tapered off a bit, we've had some time to work on the products you've been asking for.  Following close on the heels of the Quicksilver and Viper zip line pulleys we'll be rolling out some new pre-made bungee brake blocks, commercial riding kits, and a brand new line of Jumbo-size zip line kits for those of you who keep asking for the 250-1000 footers. Stay tuned!

    So what's new for this week? (drumroll please)       ...Cable tension kits.

    One of the most difficult aspects of installing a big zip line is stretching the cable from one anchor to the other. You typically have a turnbuckle on one or both ends for minor adjustments, but that does nothing to help get your 100lb length of cable stretched to the other side. The problem is illustrated by our friends Bob and Joe, the Stick brothers...

    Bob and Joe Stick have prepared their anchors and are trying to stretch their zip line cable from one pole to the other. Joe Stick soon realizes that the cable is far too heavy for him to pull it across.

    Joe fumes in frustration, but his brother Bob Stick remembers an article he read on the ZipLineGear blog about using a come-along and a cable grab to tighten zip line cables.

    Bob and Joe resume their work, after stopping by the ZipLineGear warehouse to get one of their new Cable Pulling kits.

    Joe, having attached the cable grab to the main line, watches in admiration as Bob cranks it tight with the come-along.

    Bob terminates the cable on the second anchor without breaking a sweat while Joe puts the pulley on the cable.

    The pull kit has been put away and Joe volunteers to take the first trip down the zip line...

    ...and it looks like Bob and Joe Stick will be picking up a bungee brake when they return the pull kit.




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