Do-It-Yourself 5/16" Cable Kit

Everything but the riding gear you need for a long zip line

Do-It-Yourself 5/16" Cable Kit

Everything but the riding gear you need for a long zip line

Price 159.95 USD

Sometimes you want a more do-it-yourself experience. That's why we have introduced our Cable Kits for building the perfect backyard zip line from scratch. These kits include all of the cable and hardware you will need to build a zip line at various lengths.

The 5/16" Cable Kit is made for most zip lines, with lengths ranging from 150' up to 500'. Just select the length of cable you want from the dropdown and we will include all of the hardware you need.

What's in the Do-It-Yourself 5/16" Cable Kit?

What next?

If you decide to purchase one of the cable kits, you will still need to find your riding gear. You can shop our trolleys here. Check out our harnesseslanyardscarabiners and other things like seats or handlebars on our  Accessories page.

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4 Reviews

  • Easy installation and great support

    Mark 07/22/2014

    The staff at Zipline Gear are the best. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Their products are better quality than I could get at the local Home Depot. Everything is top notch.

  • Versatility, Advice, and Incredible Customer Service

    John 08/18/2016

    The do it yourself kit allowed us to build exactly what we wanted giving us the versatility we wanted. The crew at Zipline Gear were very helpful, answering questions, giving advice, and presenting alternatives. This company is all about customer service! By the way, you will want the Douglas Tensioning Kit, it makes it all easier!

  • Second Zipline

    Bob B. 03/03/2017

    Installation of first zipline of 200' went beautifully so now have to get a longer one. Just got off he phone with Rob who made the order for a 400' line quite painless. Looking forward to delivery by next Friday.

  • After 3 installations (2x300' and 1x400')

    Jocelyn Cloutier 06/03/2017

    I installed a rogue 5/16" 300 ft long zip Line during July 2016. I also bought a separate Standard Tool Kit with tensioner ( The instruction manual is easy to follow. The hard part is to run the cable between my 2 selected trees and determine the proper location on the tree. The kit comes with all required hardware and is relatively easy to install even by yourself. I would recommend having a partner to help out with running the cable.

    I also purchased and installed 2 other cable kits: 300 and 400 feet.

    Awesome work Zip Line Gear!

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