5/16" Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Ideal for zip lines up to 500' length.

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We at Zip Line Gear love galvanized aircraft cable. We even have a blog post dedicated to why we use it! Our Galvanized Aircraft Cable is 7x19 in construction and is ideal for virtually any zip line application. Available in various lengths and diameters, Galvanized Aircraft Cable is your first stop in building a zip line for backyard or commercial use.

5/16" Galvanized Aircraft Cable. 7x19 construction, 9800lb minimum breaking strength.

Recommended Use

In order to account for sag and set up ease we recommend grabbing at least 10' more than you need to complete the run.

Use 5/16" cable for zip lines 500' or less in length. Longer zip lines should use larger diameter cable.

Build your own zip line kit!

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Galvanized Aircraft Cable Review