Bungee Brake

Complete zip line braking system. Available in various sizes.

Bungee Brake

Complete zip line braking system. Available in various sizes.

Price 89.95 USD

Our preferred zip line braking method is the Bungee Brake. The Bungee brake works with a mounted block on the zip line cable which is attached by a bungee cord and achored to a nearby, adjacent anchor. It absorbs the impact of the trolley before the end of the line and the bungee cord stretches and slows the zip line trolley to a stop.


  • Works on cables up to 1/2" in diameter
  • 20' Brake Kit: For any mild to moderate zip line less than 200' in length.
  • 30' Brake Kit: For steep zip lines and zip lines between 200 and 500 feet in length.
  • Double 30' Brake Kit: For zip lines with more than 8' of drop per 100' of ride or distances longer than 500 feet should use this kit which features two 30' lengths of bungee for redundancy and increased strength.



Print a manual.

Also, read up on the various zip line braking methods including the BrakeHawk Braking System!

Recommended Use

It goes without saying that we recommend the Bungee Brake kit for use in stopping your backyard zip line. Bungee brakes allow you to maintain speed until the end of your ride, whereas gravity brakes slow down rides and make them less exciting. The Bungee Brake is the foolproof option in stopping any rider, especially young kids.



Video Information

Bungee Brake Installation Video

2 Reviews

  • weak bungee

    holly 02/10/2016

    The bungee break worked well for a few months. We only had weights of 100 lbs or less each time for personal backyard use with kids. We noticed the bungee cord that was tied around the tree for extra enforcement had become dangerously frayed one day.. that could have been bad.

  • great product

    Ted 07/14/2016

    I've had this break system for 5 years. It stays up year round and has worked very well. Mine has not frayed at all.

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