Chetco Cable Trolley

Fast trolley with handlebar built-in.

Chetco Cable Trolley

Fast trolley with handlebar built-in.

Price 149.95 USD

Lightning-Quick for Your Enjoyment

Spice up your backyard zip line with the lightning-quick Chetco Cable Trolley. Standing proud on dual ball-bearing wheels, this trolley will whip your hair back and put a smile on your face. Grab the excitement and go!

Want more than just the zip line trolley? Check out our complete Chetco Zip Line Kit and Chetco Zip Line Combo Kits!

Some Quick Facts about the Chetco Cable Trolley

  • Simplicity - Integrated into the zip line trolley are dual handlebars, rubber-coated for grip.
  • Speed - Dual ball bearings in each wheel deliver reduced friction and a stunning 120 mph speed rating.
  • Strength - With a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs, the Chetco Cable Trolley's dependability is guaranteed.
  • Safety - As with all trolleys, the Chetco Cable Trolley has an attachment point for recommended carabiner add-ons; such as a safety Harness, Drifter Seat, or other accessories.
  • Size - The Chetco Cable Trolley can accommodate any cable 1/2" or less in diameter.
  • Balance - The Chetco Cable Trolley is balanced so it rests on the cable upright even when spun on the cable.

Powder-coated in bright blue, the Chetco Cable Trolley is corrosion-resistant.

It is designed to be semi-permanently attached to the zip line cable. While it is removable with a wrench, it is intended to stay on the zip line cable at all times.  Check out our Zip Line Trolley Lock for securing your Chetco Trolley when not in use.

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Recommended Use

Ideal for backyard zip lines. Great for children. Perfect for an entry-level zip line. Need a different trolley? Check out the Rogue Zip Line Trolley! The Rogue Zip Line Trolley can be combined with an attachable 15" handlebar to provide the convenience and performance of a Chetco Cable Trolley in a sleek and easily-removable design.


Does the Chetco Cable Trolley always reach 120mph?

No.  A 120 speed rating indicates what the Chetco Cable Trolley can handle.  At our recommended zip line slope of 6%, with variables of rider’s weight taken into account, expect speeds anywhere between 10 and 20 mph.

Are the handlebars detachable?

No, the handlebars are permanently fused to the Chetco Cable Trolley body.

How do I put the Chetco Cable Trolley on the cable?

Two ways. Either by 1) threading the zip line cable under the wheels during installation, or 2) unbolting wheels, and re-bolting over the zip line cable.

Can I clip a bungee brake to a Chetco Cable Trolley?

No. Only attach bungees to zip line brake blocks, never to a Chetco Cable Trolley.


Note: This Chetco Cable Trolley is an updated version of the Viper Cable Trolley.

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