Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit

Select the length of cable and one or two harnesses.

Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit

Select the length of cable and one or two harnesses.

Price 424.95 USD

Get more excitement in your backyard

The Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit  takes all of the elements of the Chetco Zip Line Kit and adds a 20’ Bungee Brake System along with your choice of one or two riding packages!  If you want more excitement and adrenaline out of your Chetco Zip Line ride without compromising safety, the Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit is all that and more!

What’s in the Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit?

  • Chetco Cable Trolley (MBS of 10,000lbs). The Chetco Zip Line Cable Trolley is constructed from high carbon powder-coated steel in an awesome shade of blue.  
  • The Chetco Zip Line Cable Trolley is equipped with a built-in handlebar and high speed, double ball-bearing wheels for a smooth, fast ride.
  • 1/4" galvanized aircraft cable in either 100ft, 150ft or 200ft (7000lb breaking strength) provides superior strength and weather resistance.
  • Riding Package: Zip Line Harness, 2' lanyard, and locking oval carabiner.
  • 20' Bungee Brake - When it comes to coming to a quick, safe, and gentle stop, nothing beats the incredible simplicity and effectiveness of our zip line Bungee Brake system.  The Bungee Zip Line Brake installs near the end of your zip line. The kit utilizes a sliding plastic block with an impact pad on the front to catch the zip line trolley and slow it down with a bungee cord.
  • Hardware: cable sling, turnbuckle, and cable clamps. 

 Requirements for the Chetco Zip Line Kit

  • A clear runway between two trees.
  • An end-to-end drop of 6-8' per 100' of ride, (3' per 100' if no brake utilized)
  • When properly installed, this zip line is rated for loads up to 350lbs.
  • The Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit is intended for private use only. For commercial applications, contact us about upgrading to a commercial-grade version.
  • We recommend a mechanical tensioning kit or something similar to insure the proper installation of your Chetco Zip Line Kit. (Tips for Tightening Your Zip Line). Order a Douglas Tensioning Kit with your Chetco Zip Line Kit, return it after installation and we'll give you a 100% refund!
Note: The Chetco is an updated variation of the Viper Zip Line Kit



2 Reviews

  • Best Christmas gift ever !!

    Jeff 01/07/2014

    I purchased as a gift for my 8 year old nephew and installed it and built a small launch platform in a tree. After all his gifts were opened including an Ipad and a gaming console he went outside and rode the Zip line across his back yard. His words were "this is the best Christmas gift ever". I installed with a friend in the cold of New England in December and it only took about an hour. Well built product Thanks. Viper Deluxe

  • A Great Christmas Present

    Paul Schulze 01/11/2015

    Decided on a Viper Combo Kit and actually ended up with the newer Chetco Kit because of the early December order. Great surprise. The line starts at a pole uphill and goes 100' to a large oak tree. The pole is a 4.25"x16' well casing pipe set In a 12"x7' hole with 1200 lbs of reinforced concrete.. The start and finish points are 12' above the ground. The first runs were done without guy wires and everyone had a load of fun. I did notice some pole vibration so a guy wire will be installed. When the pole vibrates, it sets up a resonance with the line and causes slack until the pole stretches it back. It actually created an exciting run for the grandkids.

    I received great help from Rob when I had any questions. Someone would even call back if I hung up before the call went to voicemail. Great service and products. I highly recommend them.

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