QuickSilver Zip Line Kit

Ultimate backyard zip line system for 150' to 500' lengths.

QuickSilver Zip Line Kit

Ultimate backyard zip line system for 150' to 500' lengths.

Price $469.95

Make your neighbors jealous.

The neighborhood will be envious when you break out this marvel of engineering. Harness gravity and superb mechanics with the QuickSilver Zip Line Kit and speed yourselves and your kids into awesomeness.

What is a zip line kit?

A zip line kit is the embodiment of backyard excitement. With a kit from Zip Line Gear you will have everything you need to build a zip line. These kits are complete with cable, anchoring hardware, trolley, harness & gear, as well as a smooth braking system.

What’s in the QuickSilver Zip Line Kit?

  • QuickSilver Zip Line Trolley is precision machined from stainless steel for maximum strength and durability (10,000mbs). The two heavy-duty wheels spin effortlessly on a dual ball-bearing system allowing tremendous speed and fluid motion.
  • Reel of 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable (9800lb MBS), available in zip line lengths up to 500', and provides superior strength and weather resistance to the QuickSilver Zip Line Kit
  • 30' Boa Bungee Braking system - When it comes to landing a quick, safe, and gentle stop, nothing beats the incredible simplicity and effectiveness of our Boa Bungee Brake System.  The Boa Bungee Brake installs near the end of your zip line. The Boa Bungee Brake utilizes a sliding plastic block with an impact pad on the front to catch the zip line trolley and slow it down with a bungee cord.
  • SLEADD Zip Line Harness, 2-foot Lanyard, and Omega Pacific Locking Oval Carabiner
  • Two 8' cable slings for anchoring the zip line to poles or trees up to 2' in diameter (call us for larger slings if needed)
  • Hardware: 5/8"x12" Turnbuckles (2), 5/16" cable clamps, thimble
  • QuickSilver Installation Instruction Manual

If you love outdoor adventure and want the best, this zip line kit is for you!

Requirements for the QuickSilver Zip Line Kit

  • A clear runway between two trees.
  • An end-to-end drop of 6-8 feet per 100 feet of ride.
  • When properly installed, this zip line can safely hold up to 350lbs.
  • The QuickSilver Zip Line Kit is intended for private use only. For commercial applications, contact us about upgrading to a commercial-grade version.
  • Due to the weight of 5/16" cable, a mechanical tensioning kit or something similar will be necessary to properly install a QuickSilver Zip Line.  Order a tensioning kit with your QuickSilver Zip Line Kit, return it after installation and we'll give you a 100% refund! Ask us for more info by calling 888-476-3701.
  • More information on our tensioning kits and rentals

View the QuickSilver Installation Manual.

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QuickSilver Cable Trolley Review by Zip Line Gear

6 Reviews

  • offroad sales

    Barry Templeton 10/08/2013

    the kit was easy to install and the kids loved it.

  • Great fun! Not enough Dad to go around!

    William 10/10/2013

    The Quicksilver kit was fairly easy to install. I put mine up without any help so it took a little longer than usual. Quality product, and great fun. I now have too many kids in my yard! Not enough of Dad to go around! But that is what it's all about! I put up a 300 footer! I added to my son's treehouse. He already has the idea that we need one coming into the treehouse from up the hill about 1000 feet! Want a yard full of kids, get you one!

  • Great product/Tough install

    Brian 12/07/2013

    I bought the 500 foot quicksilver kit. Kit and instructions were good. I had plenty of vertical drop to accomadate the 6% slope but the slope was uniform and we couldn't get the anchor point high enough for the 10 foot of sag that developed when I got on the line. What's worse, the top tree we picked was beginning to fall over from the pressure applied by the come along and turnbuckles. In the end, we had to shorten the run to 400 feet and find a bigger tree. Worked great then. If you buy the 500 foot kit you are left with 2 choices: 1. Have your anchor points 25 feet in the air or find a spot that has a valley of some sort because of the 2% sag. We used a 15 foot 2 person tree stand as a platform. Hardest part now is getting people safely to the ground after the run is over. Haven't figured that out yet using later now.

  • awesome is absolutely true

    TD 05/30/2014

    I am beyond thrilled to have purchased the Quicksilver kit. Customer support is by far the best bunch of dedicated people who want to make sure you get your zip line up and running. It is truly an awesome company.The Quicksilver kit had everything I could have possibly wanted and the crew walked me through the entire installation, step by step. The videos are really helpful. It is a blast. Thank you for having such high quality products.

  • Great fun, great product, easy installation!

    JBH 06/14/2014

    I was pleased how quickly my shipment arrived. I installed a 300 foot zip line using the Quicksilver kit by myself in about 3 hours, no problems. I used a transit level to compute the slope and height of the anchor points, so no adjustments were necessary. I bought it for my grandchildren when they come to visit, but the heck with them--I am the one having all the fun!

  • Works Great

    Art 08/26/2014

    Nice product easy to install and it works great. Rob "the guy" was wonderful to work with. After I installed it wrong he walked me through the process with a great deal of patience. Would recommend them to everyone I know.

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