Rogue Series Kit 150' - 500'

Select the length of cable and one or two harnesses.

Rogue Series Kit 150' - 500'

Select the length of cable and one or two harnesses.

Price 519.95 USD


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The centerpiece for this kit is the ROGUE Trolley.  The free-mount stainless-steel trolley is easily removable and an excellent choice for its durability and functionality.  Riding gear includes a one-size-fits-most harness, handlebar with rubber grips, lanyard, and two carabiners.  A bungee braking system is included to gently slow the rider to a gradual stop at the end of the ride.

The ROGUE SERIES comes in various lengths of cable from 150 ft. to 500 ft. that riders can zip across the backyard between two trees or posts.  



Rogue_TrolleyThe ROGUE Trolley is free mounted (easily removable) from the cable with dual ball bearing wheels.  The side plates and wheels are made of heavy-duty stainless steel.


Steel Locking Carabiners, handlebar-trolley connection & lanyard-trolley connection.


Straight Handlebar with rubber grips.

Black 2-ft Lanyard, connects harness to trolley.

Zip Line Harness, one-size-fits-most with adjustable waist and leg straps. Ideal for riders from 70 lbs. to 350 lbs. (max waist 50").



5/16" Galvanized Aircraft Cable (9800lb MBS), available in lengths from 150' up to 500'.

Two 8' cable slings for anchoring the zip line to poles or trees up to 2' in diameter.

Two 5/8"x12" Turnbuckles, 5/16" forged cable clamps, and a thimble.



30' Bungee Brake gently slows the rider using an impact bumper and bungee cord.


Installation Instruction Manual.

We recommend a 6% slope for a fun ride, you'll need 6-ft of drop for every 100' of zip line you have.

Installing a zip line can be a fun Saturday project that can take anywhere from an hour to half the day, depending on your landscaping and how long your zip line is.  Make sure you pick up a Tensioning Kit to assist with installing your cable and some Tree Saver Blocks to protect your trees.


ZIPLINEGEAR Kits are backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

If you love outdoor adventure and want the best, this zip line kit is for you!


Print the Rogue Installation Manual.



6 Reviews

  • happy

    jay stevison 05/30/2014

    The kit and gear were great and the service was even better. Thanks for the advice and help.

  • Funtastic

    Marcel Deschamps 07/17/2016

    Bought a double rider Rogue kit. I installed it by myself ; 115 feet. If you read instructions and watch video , it's foolproof. Tomorrow I will order a second line ; 250 feet. Boy oh boy, I am 63 years old and I will have as much fun as my kid and grandkids.
    100% totally recommended.

  • Commercial quality kit

    Tom Bird 10/24/2016

    Anyone interested in doing their own installation and who does some internet research will find that there is no competition out there for a complete zip line kit. You can buy the individual components and tools, but you won't have the confidence that comes with buying a kit from Zip Line Gear. This kit had everything I needed except the cable grab, which I purchased separately. Installation did not go as easily as I had imagined, but that was due to my own unique set up. I did call and spoke to Rob, who was more than happy to answer all my questions. The zip line is now up and running and everyone is having a blast.

  • Fantastic Product & Service

    Chelsea 01/09/2017

    These guys are fantastic! I installed a 400 ft zip line in half a day with their help. Everyone I spoke with had a wealth of knowledge and suggestions to get me the right gear, the easiest setup and the best price. I give my highest recommendation for anyone looking to set up a zip line with ease.

  • Best thing we bought for our home !!!! Adults and kids love it

    Joseph D. 02/16/2017

    I had a great experience in learning and buying my zipline kit from Rob M. He took the time to explain what i would need and how to even set it up. He was super helpful and professional. I just ordered my 2nd one.... cant wait. Thanks guys !!!!!

  • The information in this article may have given me a new look at life!! Mentally and Physically

    Mr.Jamil Augustice 06/25/2017

    So far, I am very enthused and ready to get this project started. I have never been on a zip line, but I have a feeling it won't be long. I live in Pa. so there's problem with hills or trees. I hope these guy's can help me get started. Any input from experienced zipster's will be great.

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