Our Story

Zip Line Gear™ is the world’s largest source of zip line information, service, and high quality products. We proudly serve the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. Call us at 888-476-3701 to let us help you place an order!

Originally established in 2005, our focus has always been on delivering the thrill of zip lining to people of all ages. We are committed to selling the highest quality gear, and as a result our team has gained strong relationships with the leaders in the zip line industry. Over time this has enabled us to refine our product selection, guaranteeing that we sell only the best.

Our standard of excellence carries to every part of our business. From our comprehensive source of zip line knowledge, to our expert and friendly sales team, we will do just about anything to live up to our reputation as the best full-service zip line shop, anywhere.

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Meet the Team

Nathan Sleadd

Gear Designer

Nathanael Phillips

Warehouse Manager

Alexa Weisman

Art Director

Joy Chamberlain


Rob Mortimore

Zip Line Specialist

Ri Koneckis

Zip Line Specialist

Erik Johnson


Mike Leddon