• Top 5 Zip Line Trolleys

    Posted: 01/10/13      Author: Aaron Roper

    We pride ourselves in knowing and selling the best products on the market for backyard AND commercial zip lines. These are the best products we can find, listed from 1 to 5. See if your favorite trolley made the list!

    1. QuickSilver Cable Trolley - On this list we are looking for trolleys which are awesome all-around. The QuickSilver has the speed rating to make even the biggest speed demons look twice, a healthy 120MPH. Now, you would really have to torque your zip line tight and steep over a long distance to achieve such a speed, but it is good to know that this trolley can handle it. With its easy open-bottom design it is designed to rest on cable up to ½” in diameter, making it perfect for commercial and backyard zip lines. Honestly, any zip line enthusiast would be excited to have this trolley with its stainless steel build, 2” diameter wheels and 10,000lbs. breaking strength. This trolley will last many years with its dual ball-bearing build as well as the awesome support of Zip Line Gear.
      QuickSilver Cable Trolley
    2. Petzl Trac Plus Trolley – With a slick-looking orange anodized aluminum body and built-in carabiner the Petzl Trac Plus Trolley is built for action. Easily load it up with gear on the ground and a swift one hand motion locks it onto the cable. Utilizing dual ball-bearing wheels like the QuickSilver, though smaller in size at 1” diameter, this zip line trolley can fit cable up to ½”. We are really impressed with this trolley for commercial and backyard zip lines. For example, we know of a handful of awesome zip lines using this trolley, including Royal Gorge Zip Lines.
      Petzl Trac Plus Trolley
    3. Viper Cable Trolley – If you are looking for a trolley that has a built-in handlebar and a strong build then the Viper is likely the way to go. Built with the same dual ball-bearing wheels as the QuickSilver the Viper can achieve the same speeds. The powder-coated steel body of the Viper will show wear sooner than the QuickSilver, but is just as strong. The Viper Cable Trolley is best suited for backyard zip lines up to 200’ in length. Fully supported by the experts at Zip Line Gear, you can’t go wrong with the Viper Trolley in your smaller backyard.

      Viper Cable Trolley
    4. Petzl Trac Trolley – This zip line trolley is what we could call the little brother to the Petzl Trac Plus Trolley. With a less visually-shocking silver, anodized body this trolley by Petzl has subtle class and elegance. Using the same built-in carabiner design from the Plus, the Trac is great for quick on/off connections in the backyard or on any zip line tour. The Trac uses single ball-bearing wheels meaning that the life expectancy is slightly shorter since the trolley is made to handle runs only up to 600’ at a time. With a savings of $37 from the Plus, the Trac might be a better bet for some who don’t see the need for dual-bearing wheels, but like the built-in carabiner.Petzl Trac Trolley
    5. Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley – Yeah, we have an obsession with Petzl, but it’s a healthy one! The Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley is the bread and butter of zipliners looking for an open-bottom design at a great price. In fact, at $89 the Petzl Tandem Speed is the least expensive, but certainly far from the least quality, trolley we sell! Built with a full-wrap anodized aluminum body and two single ball-bearing wheels this trolley will perform as admirably as the Petzl Trac Trolley. Note the many places to hook up a back-up carabiner. When bang-for-buck is what you need, start here.
      Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley

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