Rerun Trolley Return
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You've built your dream backyard zip line setup, but now you've got to walk your trolley back up to the top of your zip line after each ride. Trust us, we don't like it either.


We've finally designed a solution - the Rerun. (Patent pending)


  • The Rerun is designed with a pulley system that uses a counterweight to bring your trolley automatically back up to the top of your zip line after each ride.
  • The Rerun works with zip lines up to 500' in length. Refer to this chart to determine how much vertical space the counterweight will need, based on your zip line's length.
  • Intended for use with a seat or harness. We don't recommend you use the Rerun with a handlebar trolley only, a Brakehawk/Trolley combo (without a seat), or in situations where the rider is dropping off of the trolley into water as the return line can tangle. Check out the Boomerang Trolley if you want to drop into water.


Want to see how it works? Check out our installation video here.



If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund within one year.