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For a limited time, explore our selection of top-notch used gear at discounted prices. Our pre-owned items are meticulously inspected by the team here at ZIPLINEGEAR, ensuring that our commitment to quality extends to these items. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing you'll be thrilled with your purchase Don't miss out on these fantastic offers.

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Boomerang 1.0 - Used Price $800

The Boomerang is a remote controlled, trolley return system designed for zip lines built over terrain that makes it inconvenient to return the trolley to the origin point. If you’re planning to build a zip line that runs over water, rough terrain, or sits too high for a regular trolley walk-back, then the Boomerang is for you.

Rerun Trolley Return - Used Price $165

The Rerun is designed with a pulley system that uses a counterweight to bring your trolley automatically back up to the top of your zip line after each ride. The Rerun works with zip lines up to 500' in length, and is compatible with zip lines that have a 6% slope or less.

Hornet Trolley - Used Price $150

Finally a trolley with built-in handlebars and easy to take off the cable without a big project! Give a small twist of the handlebars to load, then do the same to remove from your main zip line cable. The clip-in slot allows for the attachment of a single carabiner for the use of an accessory such as a seat or harness. The Hornet will work on cable up to 1/2″ in diameter.
Chetco Zip Line Trolley

Chetco Trolley - Used Price $150

The Chetco Trolley is solid aluminum, anodized blue with built-in handlebars. Made to stay on your zip line all year long. Sure to produce smiles from every rider for years to come.
SLEADD Handlebar

Sleadd Handlebar - Used Gear $63

This handlebar includes Sleadd’s soft no-slip handle grips and a sleek black carabiner to match. The handebar upgrade is as much a fashion statement as it is a functional addition to your kids’ backyard adventure.

Straight Handlebar - Used Gear $41

Our most popular trolley attachment is the Straight Handlebar. The purpose of handlebars is to orient your riders as they travel down the zip line. This is is an excellent accessory for any zip line set up. Hold on for a great thrill across any expanse!
Spring Stop Zip Line Brake

36" Spring Brake - Used Gear $33

The Spring Stop adds a little bit of cushion to the end of the ride. It mounts directly to the cable near the Stop Block. When riders zip down the cable, the trolley bumps into the Spring, which cushions the stops. The maximum amount of slope is 3% (3 ft. drop per 100 ft. of distance) for zip lines that will utilize a Spring Brake.
Stop Block | 3/8" on cable

Stop Block - Used Gear $36

The Stop Block can be used to create a no-pass point on any zip line cable, such as dropping over a body of water, prohibiting riders from reaching the end of the cable, or it can be used as an emergency backup to a brake system. Use as a stand-alone emergency arrest device for gravity brake zip lines, or as a secondary safety backup for a primary brake system.
Child's Full Body Harness - Petzl Simba

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Lanyard - Black Polyester by ZLG

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