Choosing Between Zip Line Kits

 Fixed Mount


The SLEADDand Chetco Trolleys are fixed mount trolleys, which means they bolt semi-permanently onto the cable. The Rogue is a free mount trolley, which means it comes on and off the cable easily. 

 install Time

Sleadd zip lines can be installed in as short as 30 minutes.  

Weight limit

 Suitable for both kids and adults, all Sleadd and Classic Zip Line Kits have a weight limit of 350 pounds.




Instruction Manuals are included in all kits. Classic Kits have basic info, Sleadd Kits have extensive info.




The Classic Kits are returnable for a full refund within a year. Sleadd Kits have a 10 year limited warranty.

 riding gear.png


Riding Gear is for riding a zip line hands free and is the safest method: it includes a Harness, Lanyard and Carabiner. The Sleadd 150 and Chetco Basic kit do NOT include riding gear, but the Sleadd 250, Rogue series and Chetco Combo DO include riding gear.



All Classic and Sleadd kit trolleys utilize stainless-steel dual-ball-bearing wheels for industrial durability.



All zip line kits require a minimum 12" anchor diameter.




Basic installation tools are included with Sleadd Kits; The Classic kits do NOT include tools.