A Lanyard is a piece of webbing with a high strength rating that has a loop on each end.  Lanyards connect the riding Harness to the Trolley using a Carabiner. The side that goes to the harness is usually connected with a "cow hitch" loop, demonstrated in the picture below.

Lanyards come in different lengths and types, depending on the intended use. In most cases, a 2 ft lanyard will be used as a standard length for all riders. If a second safety lanyard is used, it would be longer than the main lanyard (in this case you would use a 3 ft lanyard), connected to the harness along with the primary lanyard and clipped over the cable with a Steel Carabiner, which would either lay on top of the Trolley or drag on the cable. In our Tensioning Kit, we include the 8 ft lanyard that would wrap around the post or tree, anchoring the winch.

For the riders that use a Manual Brake, we recommend the Daisy Chain Lanyard. It has multiple connection loops allowing to adjust the reach to the trolley, making sure the brake unit can be reached by all riders.