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If you are trying to select a Harness for your zip line then you might have a few questions. Read the handy guide (below) to get more information on the various types of harnesses. 

Product Information

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Types of Harnesses


Sit harnesses are the most common type of harness and are used in many zip line parks and tours. Sit harnesses work by fitting around a rider’s waist and cinching tight around the legs. Typically a rider will attach to a zip line Trolley via a Lanyard and Carabiner attached to a harness.

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Chest harnesses are generally additions to zip line riding packages already utilizing a sit harness. Chest harnesses typically are worn like a vest and have a clip in point in the front. Using a separate lanyard and carabiner from the sit harness, the chest harness creates a full-body harness with the two pieces.

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The safest and most commercially viable zip line harness is a full-body harness. The full-body harness functions as a chest and sit harness in one piece, usually with only one connection point either on its front or back. The Petzl Simba full-body harness is the safest option for children weighing 70 lbs or less and the Sleadd Fortis Full Body Harness is designed for young adults and adults.


How to choose a harness

When selecting a harness you will be looking for best fit, safety, and comfort. Find a harness that best fits your body type. If you are looking for a harness for a child then you will almost exclusively look for a full-body or chest/sit harness combo. If you want a little more comfort in your harness then you will be looking for a harness with padding built-in, such as the Sleadd Padded Harness.

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