Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley

1/2" cable capacity, ball bearings, speeds up to 45mph.

Price $89.95

Safety & speed in an economy package

The Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley is an exciting and high-quality zip line trolley that will fit into any budget. A long-time zip line and climbing industry standard, the wrap-over-designed Petzl Tandem provides subtle grooves for backup safety carabiners.

Features of the Petzl Tandem Speed

  • Designed for easy zip line cable application and removal
  • Durable aluminum body is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Maximum zip line cable diameter: 1/2"
  • Speed rating: 45 mph
  • Fits the BrakeHawk Model 405

Recommended Use for the Petzl Tandem Speed

When looking for a sturdy, small zip line trolley the Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley is a spectacular choice. It is perfect for both backyard zip lines and commercial zip lines, providing speed and safety features that make it a top-tier choice. This trolley is not recommend for zip lines longer than 200 meters (660 ft) or faster than 45 mph.

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Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley Review