BrakeHawk Zip Line Brake

BrakeHawk Active Friction Zip Line Brake.

BrakeHawk Zip Line Brake

BrakeHawk Active Friction Zip Line Brake.

Price 99.99 USD

For all the zip line enthusiasts looking for a rider-activated zip line braking system, look no further! The BrakeHawk Zip Line Brake is the premiere choice in active braking technology. Riders easily slow themselves to a stop by pulling down on the BrakeHawk which in turn applies friction to the cable. Additional BrakeHawk Brake Pads are sold separately. Check out the BrakeHawk Tether to get young hands away from the trolley and cable but still put active braking within your grasp.

BrakeHawk Model 405 - Fits Petzl Tandem Speed Trolleys.

BrakeHawk Model 406 - Fits Petzl Trac and Petzl Trac Plus Trolleys.

BrakeHawk Model 414 - Fits Rogue Trolleys.

BrakeHawk gives zip line riders:

  • An enclosed brake that keeps hands away from cable
  • A greater sense of safety and control
  • Powerful braking ability

Trolley not included.

Note: Using the BrakeHawk in combination with the Petzl Trac Plus, Petzl Trac, or Petzl Tandem Speed trolleys can reduce their performance and life expectancy.  Visit this link for Petzl's full statement.  The steel side plate design of the Rogue trolleys tend to be a little bit more durable than the aluminum bodied Petzl Trolleys and the Rogue trolley tends to have a longer life expectancy. 

Video Information

Get to know the differing models of brakehawks and their compatible Petzl trolleys in this video.

1 Review

  • Exactly what we needed

    Janna Jennings 03/14/2014

    I purchased this brake with the Petzl Trac Trolley for use by my 6 yr old and 10 yr old kids. I also purchased the tether so their hands would not need to be near the cable. This brake is very easy for kids to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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