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Quick Links, various sizes.

Quick Link

Quick Links, various sizes.

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Quick links are simple in name, design and function. A quick link is used as an integral connection in zip line set ups. A quick link’s size corresponds to the diameter of the objects that can pass through its mouth as well as the material thickness of the quick link itself. These carbon steel, zinc-plated connections may be used for life support systems when appropriate ratings are followed.

Load limits:

  • 5/16": 1,550 lb.
  • 3/8": 1,880 lb.
  • 1/2": 2,250 lb.
  • 9/16": 4000 lb.
  • 5/8": 6,380 lb

Recommended Use

Custom rigging applications and manufactured applications such as the Bungee Brake use quick links. If you are looking for links for zip line riding purposes we suggest a carabiner such as the Jake Quik-Lok Carabiner. The Jake Quik-Lok Carabiner is our top-of-the-line carabiner model and will serve well in virtually any zip line riding function.

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