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Designed for zip lines over water, rough terrain, or long distances

The Boomerang is a remote controlled, trolley return system designed for zip lines built over terrain that makes it inconvenient to return the trolley to the origin point. If you’re planning to build a zip line that runs over water, rough terrain, or sits too high for a regular trolley walk-back, then the Boomerang is for you.

Or maybe you just love remote-controlled toys like we do!

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Boomerang Overview

See it in action

Check out a video of the Boomerang in action on Noah The Free’s Youtube Channel. The results speak for themselves!


The Boomerang is designed for the zip line enthusiast who doesn’t want to have to wait around for the next ride.

You'll never have to take the Boomerang off of the cable - no need to walk the trolley back and re-mount for each ride!

  • Over water (never have to swim the trolley back again!)
  • High through-put areas where people will be walking underneath the cable
  • Any zip line with a "high" point of origin
  • Over rough or impassable terrain
  • ...Any backyard enthusiast who knows that more rides = more fun!

Boomerang Trolley Return

Boomerang Trolley

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  • Remote controlled return system
  • Clip-in point for use with a harness
  • Replaceable wear-parts (comes with a single replacement kit)
  • Auto-disengages when weight-bearing for safety

Technical Specs

  • Handlebar weight capacity: 350LBS
  • Weight: 3.4LBS
  • The Boomerang will perform  differently based on the gearing used,  and whether a load (like a seat and handlebar) remains attached during the return. With standard gearing, you can expect around 100 returns at 12MPH. With high speed gearing you can expect 75 returns at 16MPH. (On a standard 150' zip line)
  • Fits cable diameters from 1/4" to 1/2" 
  • Transmitter range of up to 2900' with line of sight

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