Rogue Series Zip Line Kit (Up To 500 Feet!!)
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Do you have a big backyard? The Rogue Series Zip Line Kit is the perfect addition to a large space. This Kit has been around for over a decade and many thousands of riders have experienced this thrilling ride. Set cable between two trees up to 500 FT apart, don the rider harness, set trolley on cable and launch into your next big adventure.

The Rogue Series is Pro Grade, but for the backyard or back forty. High quality riding gear includes a quick attach Trolley that is easy to load to the cable; it only takes three seconds! Carabiners connect Handlebars and safety Harness. Cable, Hardware to connect to two trees, a Bungee Brake for smooth stopping and a safety Stop Block are all included in this Kit.

Inside the box:

  • Two 8' Cable Slings to wrap around each tree
  • Two Turnbuckles connect to Slings for fine tuning adjustments
  • One roll of 5/16" Cable that spans between the Turnbuckles
  • Stainless Steel Rogue Trolley is a fan favorite for ease of use and durability plus it's easy to load and unload riders. Plus we include a handlebar.
  • Harness connects to the trolley with a 2 FT lanyard and carabiner secures the rider to the trolley.
  • Bungee Brake gently slows each rider at the end.
  • Stop Block provides a safety no-pass point.
  • Our Installation & Safety Handbook.

The Tensioning Kit is a special tool you can use for the initial installation, then return for a full refund. If you don't have a way to tighten cable, you'll definitely want to grab one.

Add wooden blocks or pick up our Tree Saver Block Kit and place the blocks between the Cable Slings and the bark of your trees to protect the circulation and keep your trees healthy.

Not only do you get an awesome zip line kit, but you also get the best customer service in all the land, should you have any questions.


If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund within one year.