Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely. Keep in mind that international shipping for small orders isn't often cost effective.

How do I make my payment?

Standard check out process through our website will accept all major debit and credit cards, we may require a proof of identification or a Wire Money Transfer.

For large International orders we require a Wire Money Transfer. You will have to cover the transfer fees. Once we receive the payment, your order is out the door! 

What if my order weight exceeds 150lbs?

Method 1, split up your order into multiple orders that are under 150lbs each. Customers can save big $$ by circumventing Freight shipping rates. Give us a call at 888-476-3701 if you'd prefer us to split it up for you.

Method 2, consider sourcing your cable domestically as the cable is the heaviest component of your shipment. 

Method 3, Email us or call us for a competitive Freight rate through our shipping contacts.