Just For Fun

We had so many really great videos submitted, it was hard to choose a winner.

Seeing the adventures that are happening in your yard with a zip line inspired good conversations around here; after all, you guys are our source of inspiration for new stuff! It's these conversations that produce improvements to existing products and spark new ideas to make things easier, better and more fun.

Little Soldier is our winner sent in by Michael. Congratulations! We'll send him a $100 Gift Card to Amazon.


Thanks everybody for participating! We'll share more of your stories in the future. 

Make sure to follow us on  InstaGram, Facebook and YouTube because you just might be the star of a future zip line video we post. Of course, if you'd prefer we not share your video, just let us know.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about new stuff we're working on here at ZIPLINEGEAR.