BrakeHawk Zip Line Brake
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The BrakeHawk Zip Line Brake is the premiere choice in active braking technology. Riders easily slow themselves to a stop by pulling down on the frame which applies friction between the rubber pad and the zip line cable which slows the rider down.

** Does not include the trolley (photos are for illustration purposes only). 



  • Solid aluminum frame, hugs trolley and is held in place with carabiner or bolt.
  • Rider controls traveling speed and stop.
  • Powerful braking ability based on rider's applied force


MODEL 414 Rogue Trolley
Model 416 Lightspeed EZ Clip Trolley 


This type of brake is not designed to run into other braking systems, such as the Bungee Brake or Stop Block, as it will cause damage.


Replacement Brake Pads are available (sold separately). Check out the BrakeHawk Tether to get young hands away from the cable but still put active braking within your grasp.


Note: The maximum allowable slope is 6% (6 ft. drop per 100 ft. of distance) for zip lines that utilize a Brakehawk Zip Line Brake.