How does the Brakehawk Zip Line brake work?

The Brakehawk is an active way to slow down and stop when zip-lining. This method will work great in most circumstances, especially if the rider needs to reach a landing platform to dismount the Trolley from the cable. The Brakehawk gives the rider a sense of control and it offers a design that keeps the hand safely away from exposed cable. Recommended riding slope is  5% - 8%.

The trolley is assembled into the brake making it a single unit. In order to engage the brake you must pull down with your hand or an attached Tether.  When the Brakehawk is engaged, a rubber pad is applied and the friction to the cable slows down the rider to the desired speed or stop.

Two types of replacement brake pads are available; Rubber for normal use, and additional Leather  pads for wet cable application. The leather brake pad is easily applied on top of a regular pad.

Check out this video for more details on installation.